Cosmic EnterPrise

Cosmic Enterprise

Cosmic Enterprise is an international trading unit, which is the trading arm of Cosmic Group. Since its inception as a general trading company specializing in a diverse range of portfolio, Cosmic Enterprise has over the years managed to scale new heights making it one of the market leaders in its segment.

Our high standards of service ensure that our clients from various markets stay with us throughout. Our trade activities are spread worldwide and currently we import various products to cater to various range of markets of Bangladesh. Our acclaimed business partners have also been a pillar of strength during these successful years. Their internationally approved products are world renowned and adhere to international standards. We remain committed to provide the same high standards of services in the coming years and will strive to continually be a name that can be trusted and reckoned with in the industry.

Core Values

Excellent Customer Service:
We believe that in order to retain and develop customer base it has to be followed by unparalleled service right from the first point of contact till the successful completion of delivery.

Trust & Integrity:
With close to four decades of experience in the industry, we thrive and take pride in our customers and suppliers alike who have taken Comic into their inner circle of trust over the years. We also make sure that all of our employees conduct themselves with utmost integrity and dignity in knowing that they are amongst the few trading companies that strive to make a difference within the industry and otherwise.

Comic’s pillar is its promise to deliver quality in terms of goods and service and never to compromise on it at any cost. Quality is an integral part of all of our processes including audit, documentation, procurement and logistics.

Social Responsibility:
Cosmic also believes in giving back to the community. As one of the sponsors of Program for Sustainable Development (PSD) and firm believers of future, we lend our hands to the organization to support underprivileged children. Under the patronage of Mr. Khwaja Shahadatullah, our Group Managing Director, we foster growth in initiating this social movement.